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Veterinary Osteopathy is the name given to osteopathy when it is carried out on animals.

It is important to ensure that your osteopath is fully qualified and registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC).  All veterinary osteopaths have trained to treat humans at undergraduate level before commencing post-graduate qualifications in veterinary osteopathy.  In addition to proper qualification, ensure your veterinary osteopath is fully insured.


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It is a legal requirement in the UK that Veterinary consent must be obtained prior to consultation with an osteopath.  This in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeon’s Act 1966, which states:

The Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1966 allows for the treatment of animals by physiotherapy, provided that the animal has first been seen by a veterinary surgeon who has diagnosed the condition and decided that it should be treated by physiotherapy under his/her direction. ’Physiotherapy’ is interpreted as including all kinds of manipulative therapy. It therefore includes osteopathy and chiropractic but would not, for example, include acupuncture or aromatherapy.

Often, as required by your vet, a written report of the osteopathic consultation will be submitted, with your permission.


Most insurance companies cover veterinary osteopathic treatment.  Please check with your insurance provider before commencing treatment.  Again, this will require veterinary referral.


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