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Canine Osteopathy

Canine osteopathy is a recognised, hands-on treatment that helps to release restrictions in the musculoskeletal system and promote improved circulation to joints and soft tissues.  This in turn promotes efficient healing following injury or imbalance through the dog.  It also eases any nerve irritation and ensures the dog can move freely and without pain.  One of the main principles of osteopathy is that “structure governs function”.

Osteopathy is holistic in its approach and considers the health of all the systems of the dog (including cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems).  By regaining balance in the musculoskeletal system there are also benefits to these systems (both mechanically and through improved nerve and blood supply).  If there are any changes to the structure, the dog may become stiff and exhibit changes in stride length.  This in turn could lead to further damage to ligaments and muscles as the dog tries to compensate.


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